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Unarmed Security: The Building Blocks of Security

Five Point Private Security is committed to keeping you safe and secure. We are the premier security company in Southern California and our goal is to provide outstanding service to our customers and their customers or residents. This means that we go above and beyond to make sure you get the best guards at your service. We can ensure that because of our strict and robust screening and hiring policies. This way we can always be certain that the guards protecting your business are the best in southern California. We also want to provide you with the best value in Southern California. That means that we have a wide variety of services for you to choose from. Security is not one size fits all and different types of guards fill different roles. We offer those guards so that you can get security that is effective and efficient.

It all starts with the unarmed guards. They make up the majority of most security teams as they are often the least expensive option. They are a great starting point for any business looking to take an active role in their security. Often a business will install locks and cameras and that will be it. That’s not enough as those are passive security measures. Having unarmed guards on site are the first step in taking an active role in the security of your business.

Unarmed guards can do almost everything that other guards can do. This makes them an excellent budget option for people who want better security but may not have the funds to go all out on armed security and mobile patrols. Some security is always going to be better than no security. These guards will patrol and watch over the business or property to help keep you safe from malicious individuals and all manner of threats. They also serve as a great deterrent against criminals and other trouble makers.

All of this is why you should consider hiring an unarmed security guard for your business or property. You might not know exactly what’s best and what you can afford. That’s no problem. Give us a call and talk to one of our qualified security experts. They have years of experience in the industry and have helped people just like you. Security is complicated and a guide is never a bad thing. Call us today to find out what security will work best for your budget and security needs.


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Wheather you own a company and would like corporate security services for a southern california business or if you are a celebrity that wants a professional bodyguard protect your well-being, we will make that happen. We are in the business of providing security for people from a variety of backgrounds and businesses that cover a number of industries.

Superior Training

This means they're more ready to solve the various problems that they'll face on the job, and that they're more capable of implementing the training that all guards receive.

Peace Of Mind

You no longer have to worry about what might happen at your business. You’ll know that any possible threat is being addressed actively and thoroughly.

Better Deterrent

Criminals will see the guards and not even make an effort most of the time. Instead, they'll just move on. Without being armed there's a chance that the deterrent of a guard isn't enough.                                          

Employee Safety

People should feel safe while doing their jobs, and security guards are a great way to help cultivate a safe environment.                                                                                        

Better Equipped

Armed guards have a weapon that can be an excellent problem solver if a situation starts to spiral to the point where violence becomes necessary.                                                                                                                              

Fast Response

When an emergency strikes security guards on-site are the best way to ensure an immediate response to an emergency.                                                          

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Our security guard service extends well beyond a uniform and schedule — it’s about people.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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