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Five Point Private Security offers even security services in Orange County. We have the experience, knowledge, armed and unarmed security guards to secure private and public special events like private parties, fundraisers, concerts, trade shows, political events, sports events, art and entertainment events.

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Our special event security services include event access, ticket takers, bags search, crowd management, traffic control, parking lot security, evacuation planning and VIP escorts.

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Licensed, Trained & Insured Event Security in Orange County

If you’re either hosting an event or organizing an event, then you should know that security is paramount. The goal is to have an event go off with ease, make sure the people enjoy themselves, that they’re safe, and that nothing gets damaged in the process. Without private event security, there’s almost no way that all of these things happen during your event.

Event security can perform many roles. It can start by directing traffic and checking bags of the people that are coming and going. If there’s talent at the event then you’re going to want to make sure they have a security detail to keep the general public from overwhelming them. If you’re renting the venue then you’ll need event security there to make sure attendees don’t damage the property.

These are just some of the things that event security can do. It’s also important to have security there as crowd control. this is for the safety of the people attending and the people who are working during the event. Security can also help save you money at the end of the evening by making sure that anyone loitering is making their way towards the exit so that cleaning crews can get started on their work. You should never have an event without security.


Our security guard service extends well beyond a uniform and schedule — it’s about people.


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    Full state-licensed professional security guards for hire.

    Latest Equipment

    Latest security equipment utilized to ensure quality services.

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    Our prices are highly competitive and fit the market appropriately

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    Insurance policy includes property damage, bodily injury, etc.

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    Fully trained guards that meet standards set by the BSIS.

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    Security Supervisors on the field 24/7, performing site inspections.

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    We provide a customized security plan based on your requirements.

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    Our security guard service is available around the clock.

    We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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