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We are Five Point Private Security, a private security guard company that offers garage and parking lot security across SoCal. Our unarmed and armed security guards will stop vehicle theft, assault, robberies, purse snatching, property damage and vandalism on your parking or structures. We are available 24×7; we have the equipment, qualifications, experience and knowledge to handle every security threat.

Our parking security services include but are not limited to parking access control, standing guards and mobile patrols, fire watch, traffic control, enforcement of parking policies, insurance of parking passes, warnings and tow citations, escort services, guest and delivery tracking services, drug control, stopping and reporting trespassers, incident reporting, and daily reporting.

12 Years of Experience

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Why Choose Five Point Private Security Parking Guards:

Private Parking Garage Security

If you own a large parking lot or parking structure, adequate security is mandatory. These are places that are often magnets for less than desirable and even criminal activity. They are open, public, and often unmonitored by anyone. Having security guards in the parking lot can help reduce all unwanted behavior.

Parking security patrol will keep the criminals out because they’ll see the security. It’ll help keep people on their best behavior regardless of their intention when they know the security guard patrolling the space. It’ll also help the people who are there for legitimate purposes feel safer when they leave their car with you. If they don’t, then it’s likely that they’ll park somewhere else.


Our security guard service extends well beyond a uniform and schedule — it’s about people.


Areas We Service In Southern California

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Whether you need a high-end luxury guard or a security guard in tactical dress, our team of professionals can craft a plan and send the appropriate guard to cover your unique situation.

    State Licensed

    Full state-licensed professional security guards for hire.

    Latest Equipment

    Latest security equipment utilized to ensure quality services.

    Competitive Prices

    Our prices are highly competitive and fit the market appropriately

    Insured & Bonded

    Insurance policy includes property damage, bodily injury, etc.

    Trained Security

    Fully trained guards that meet standards set by the BSIS.

    Supervisor Onsite

    Security Supervisors on the field 24/7, performing site inspections.

    Customized Solutions

    We provide a customized security plan based on your requirements.

    24/7 Availability

    Our security guard service is available around the clock.

    We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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